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Diffusing 101
December 29, 2015 greenair-admin

Diffusing 101

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Diffusing 101

Lucky you! You’ve been gifted an essential oil diffuser for Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza. Thanks go out to your Husband/Thoughtful Daughter-in-law/Boss/Italian Lover. Now you are wondering how to use a diffuser. I can help. To get the most out of the experience, and to maintain it for the long term, there are a few basic things to know. You probably received an ultrasonic diffuser (the kind that uses water). Other types work differently. Nebulizing diffusers disperse oil without water. They require a lot of oil and distribute intense concentrations, but are not for everyday use. Heat and evaporative diffusers use the slower method of evaporation and are best for small spaces like cars.

Step One: Celebrate!

An ultrasonic diffuser is one of the best ways to use essential oils, to expose yourself and your family to health benefits, to have control over the concentration and mix of oils, and to fill your environment with uplifting, cleansing, and great-smelling natural aromas. Meanwhile, the diffuser will also moisten and clean your air. While you are celebrating, pull the diffuser out of its packaging, and KEEP THE DIRECTIONS AND CLEANING BRUSH.

Step Two: Fill the Diffuser

Remove the lid. For some diffusers, it is a simple matter of lifting it from the top of the unit. For others, it is a little more complex. This is when you are happy that you kept the package directions. You can also find online directions for GreenAir units on the website. With the GreenAir Spa Mister, for example, you need to lift off the outer vase, and then the plastic lid. Add LUKEWARM TAP WATER to the unit. Cold water doesn’t work; neither does distilled water. Diffusers have a “fill line” that you shouldn’t exceed. To produce more mist, keep the water below the fill line … closer to half full. I only fill my diffuser to capacity when I want it to run all night. You can bring the water to the diffuser in a cup and pour it in. You can also put the diffuser under the tap, just be careful not to expose the electronics to water.

Step Three: Add Essential Oils

This is the fun part. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to the water. Try a single or mix and match. Check out a basic tutorial on blending here. Diffuser capacity varies, so some will require more oil than others. Five drops is a good starting point. Add or subtract based on room size, the exposure you want to the oils, and the strength of a particular oil (clove is much heavier than tangerine, for instance). Experience will teach you how much to use, and which oils work best for you. While you are figuring it out, just be careful not to overdo the amount of oil or the remnants will remain after the water is gone, coating the ultrasonic plate, and corroding it. That is also the reason you add water to the diffuser before the oil … don’t drop oils directly onto the ultrasonic plate or it will shorten its life. It isn’t necessary to add carrier oils to the diffuser. If you want to dilute the strength, just use less essential oil.

GreenAir GiftsStep Four: Diffusing

Replace the lid, make sure the unit is plugged in, and turn it on. You should begin to notice mist and aroma cascading from the diffuser within the first ten seconds. GreenAir diffusers have a myriad of options … ambient lighting, timers, intermittent misting options, directional nozzles.