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Oils and Gratitude
November 18, 2015 greenair-admin

Oils and Gratitude

Posted in diffusing, essential oils

I’ve been working on developing a more grateful attitude. Sure, it is easy to be grateful when you and your belly full of turkey loll on the couch in front of the big screen TV, watching your favorite rom-com and sipping the first eggnog of the season. But the gratitude I want is different. It is a kind that can you muster during a flat tire in a rainstorm, or after an epic diaper fail … the kind that you can depend on despite your circumstances. I’ve been awfully tempted, during the aforementioned rainstorm, to cede that I just don’t have that kind of constitution. But it turns out it is more of a matter of learning gratitude … or earning it, than it is to have it “naturally.” Here are some avenues to gratitude that I’ve discovered, and how essential oils have played a part.

The fewer distractions I have in my life, the more gratitude I find. Often surplus clutter is physical … literal piles of stuff on the bedroom floor, or crowded onto the flanks of my desk. Sometimes these distractions are conceptual – expectations that I have for myself, or arbitrary standards I’ve set. The little congregations of responsibilities that I should be dusting, or discussing, or sorting instead of … whatever else I’m doing … leave me with the sense of never being satisfied.

Essential oils have helped me simplify. I use them to focus on health, experience, and attitude. Everything else kind of filters away. My Declutter Blend is a simple mix of lavender and lemon. About once a week – usually Saturday morning, that calming, clean scent fills our house and the piles of stuff get thinned. Distractions and stresses get ousted. I am left with fewer things in my life … and more time and attention for what really matters.

New Experiences
Gratitude, and its jubilant sister, Happiness, often show up when we are willing to open ourselves to a new experience. Sure, it is easy in theory to think about meeting a new person, or trying yoga, or going back to school to take a class in creative writing. In reality, new experiences are hard to undertake. It takes energy and a gritty willingness to fail in order to attempt something that isn’t tried and true. This is where attitude comes in. Essential oils like fennel, cedarwood, and rosemary are grounding and motivating. They help me to have the courage I need to try.

Sharing and Connecting
We are a social species. Connecting with people, understanding them, and sharing experience are some of the greatest joys in life. Diffusing essential oils is inherently a shared experience. When we invite guests into our house, I diffuse bergamot and peppermint. There have been a lot of exceptional conversations occurring in the cheerful, open ambiance this blend creates in our home.

Opening yourself up to new experience, simplifying your life, and sharing and connecting with people are avenues that lead to the kind of gratitude that you can depend on. Diffusing essential oil won’t automatically turn you into a grateful person, but you can use essential oils as a tool to a greater end.

Lael Gilbert, Guest Blogger for GreenAir