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Raffles and Growing Your Business
February 24, 2016 greenair-admin

Raffles and Growing Your Business

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Growing your business with GreenAir diffusers is an easy way to increase your sales and provide your customers with the top diffusers on the market. Business builders use different methods, like raffles, to reach current and new customers. Raffles are a popular and easy method to use and they are fun for you and your guests.

The purpose of raffles is to gather information on potential contacts.  As a business leader and builder, the more leads you have, the more opportunities you have to find and enroll more customers.  

At the beginning of your class, tell the guests that you are going to have a raffle for a FREE GreenAir diffuser. Pass out note cards and pens and invite them to write down their contact information and their three top health concerns. This information helps you to find the right products to help them solve their own health issues.  It also helps you follow up with guests in the event you were not able to enroll them during your evening class.  Follow up is key and having this strategy in your back pocket will help you achieve higher closing rates.

You may be thinking: How does giving a diffuser away at an oil class help me? Am I just just giving it away for free? It seems like I’m losing money.

Consider it this way:
People often feel overwhelmed when they start using essential oils.  There is so much information and tips and tricks. There are do’s and don’ts, ingest, don’t ingest, use on kids, don’t use on animals, and more. Clear the confusion by showing them how to diffuse oils. Your guests and customers will thank you for introducing them a simple and new way to experience essential oils.

Another benefit of diffusing is it allows a person to use essential oils more often.  If they were using a few essential oils topically, there would be a limited number of oils that person would use each month.  If they are enrolled in your loyalty program, they may not be using enough oil each month to justify remaining on the program.  However, if you give them another oil-using tool, like a GreenAir diffuser, that person is more likely to continue ordering through the loyalty program.  

You don’t need to raffle the most expensive diffuser in the GreenAir collection. Offering a reliable, low-cost diffuser is a smart choice – your raffle winner receives a great product and you have gained a new customer. GreenAir has an extensive catalogue of diffusers at varying price points to fit the needs of your particular group and sales goals.  Each diffuser is crafted from the best non-BPA materials.  Since GreenAir is the largest diffuser manufacturer and distributer in the world, you can purchase with confidence knowing you are getting the best pricing possible.  Also mention to your customers they will receive a one-year warranty on all diffusers purchased from GreenAir and you have a winning combination.

GreenAir wants you to be successful in your business. We have confidence in your abilities to achieve your sales goals. GreenAir has a team of specialists who can provide you with the materials you need to make a positive and professional showing of GreenAir diffusers during your at-home events.  We encourage you to send your inquiries to