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Tap the Growing Essential Oils Market with GreenAir Diffusers
March 31, 2017 newgreenair

Tap the Growing Essential Oils Market with GreenAir Diffusers

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Essential Oil and Aromatherapy Diffuser Trends

According to a survey conducted by Grand View Research, a U.S. based leading market research company,  the “global essential oils market will reach $13.94 billion in the U.S. by 2024.” (Source)

The Grand View study underscores the increasing awareness and popularity of essential oils, which will have a dramatic impact on the projected sales of aromatherapy diffusers. If you use or sell essential oils, then you are aware that aromatherapy diffusers are a great way to utilize the olfactory powers of plants without sacrificing their natural properties.

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GreenAir Scent Pod diffuser

The history of aromatherapy goes back some 6,000 years, and was practiced by many ancient civilizations, carrying through to the modern day. Strong evidence of the existence of aromatherapy and the various uses of herbal plants for medicinal purposes, have been discovered in Egyptian medical papyri (ancient Egyptian texts written on papyrus contains information about several medical procedures and practices used in ancient Egypt). (Source)

These discoveries help us understand that aromatic oils and therapies offer safe and natural methods to address specific medical conditions like stress and anxiety, sleep deprivation, migraine, flu, and cough, among others.

Over time, different technologies have been introduced by leading essential oil diffuser manufacturers like GreenAir. These technologies have completely modernized the use of essential oils, without having an adverse impact on their natural therapeutic qualities.

GreenAir diffusers are manufactured using a variety of technologies like ultrasonic, atomizing, and fan diffusion. The new generation of GreenAir diffusers have been created using these modern technologies, and are designed to help you enjoy the beneficial aromas of essential oils, while making beautiful additions to your home or office decor.

Best Diffusers for Boosting Essential Oil Sales

GreenAir aromatherapy diffusers are well-known for their world class designs and affordable prices.

GreenAir sells an exclusive range of wholesale diffusers to local doTERRA and Young Living essential oils sales people, stores and large retailers.

Do you have a specific requirement for the diffusers you want to offer your customers? No worries, Greenair has the solution for you! We design custom essential oil diffusers with your customers needs in mind.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for a wholesale account to join the leading aromatherapy diffuser company in the world.