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Harsh winters can prove taxing to the mind and body. More than just an aromatic scent, essential oil diffusers in Canada can benefit you in unexpected ways. In the snowy months, bring out these amazing aromatherapy devices for daily relief and comfort.  
  • Cold and Flu Season
It’s miserable being under the weather. Everyone has their much-loved essential oil such as tea tree, eucalyptus or a special blend they like to diffuse into the air in the hopes of breathing a little easier and recovering a bit faster.  
  • Less Fresh Air Indoors
Opening the windows in the warmer months does wonders for keeping the house smelling crisp. That luxury is mostly taken away in the peak of winter, other than maybe cracking a bit here and there. Discover your favorite single or fusion known to freshen the air with scents like wild orange, grapefruit, peppermint, lemon, lavender, spearmint, tea tree, and lime.  
  • Moisture Mists
Not only does winter weather lack humidity, or moisture in the air, but paired up with running heat to keep us warm can be very drying to the body.  We’re not a fan of high humidity, like on sticky summer days, where our hair won’t be tamed either. A decent amount of humidity in the air is a good thing.   All GreenAir diffusers add humidity, or moisture, into the air. Our Dew Drop has the highest water capacity, holding up to 1.3 liters in its tank. This provides extra moisture mist output which can help avoid dry scratchy throats and flaky skin. And it looks great sitting pretty doing its job with its sleek curves and color rotating lights.  
  • Entertaining
We like our guests to be greeted with the finest and our homes to smell inviting. Candles deliver some fun scents, but are mostly made up of artificial fragrances. However, millions are allergic or sensitive to artificial fragrances causing reactions ranging from headaches to difficulty breathing.   A natural and healthy route to scent your home is using essential oil diffusers in Canada. They provide a constant, steady mist of aroma unlike candles which often give limited fragrance coverage and can easily burn out.   Beautiful diffusers, like our hand-blown glass Lux Marble Grey with its elegant design and soft white and colored rotating lights, fit in with any room’s décor.  
  • Winter Blues and Blahs
Winter can really bring us down, especially on dreary days or in the evening when the sun sets so early. It’s the time to break out an essential oil single or blend that you find uplifting. Illuminate your room… and your spirits by using a diffuser that has colored rotating lights like the Spa Vapor Plus or Breathe and soak up its hues.  
  • Promote Deeper Zzz’s
There’s no denying that a good night’s sleep can help us wake up feeling refreshed. Lavender, or a blend designed to promote sleep, is a friend to plenty who notice a better and deeper night’s rest. Our Savannah diffuser has up to a 34-hour run time to keep you enveloped in scent all night long.  
  • Energize Your Morning
I don’t know about you, but I think it’s that much harder to jump out of bed in the a.m. when you’re warm and toasty under the covers and there’s no sun shining in. Some enjoy using essential oil diffusers with scents like peppermint and orange at the start of the day, feeling that it gives them a little extra pep.   GreenAir Essential Oil Diffuser Distributors in Canada Wanted  Please contact National Sales Manager Annmarie Virzi at 440.822.5336 or a[email protected] for a catalog and free consultation.

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