Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is a chemical produced by neutrophil in white human blood cells in order to kill invasive microorganisms and fight infection. Eco99 utilizes the power and effectiveness of hypochlorous acid as a surface sanitizer, making it a great defense against harmful microorganisms.

The HOCl formulation of Eco99 is delivered as a dry granule which rapidly dissolves in water to create an effective sanitization solution. As a solution, Eco99 is highly stable, pH neutral, non-corrosive, and safe to humans, pets, and plant life.

Is Your Sanitizer Safe to Use?

Since the spread of COVID-19, virtually all organizations and individuals are using heightened levels of sanitizers, with treatments occurring continuously each day. With increased use of these chemicals, however, comes adverse health risks. Studies link the long-term use of chemicals such as chlorine, quaternary ammonium compounds (QUATs), hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, bleach, and peracetic acid (PAA) with serious health conditions, including:
        • Painful chemical burns to the skin and eyes
        • Serious allergic reactions
        • Possible fertility-related issues
        • 24% to 32% increase in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
        • Estimated 5% and 30% increase in childhood cancer and asthma, respectively

Less Chemistry, Safer Environment

Eco99 provides total sanitization and defends against harmful microorganisms without hazardous byproducts. Eco99 can be applied with people and pets present because it is non-toxic. The lack of PPE required for application contributes to a better experience for customers and employees who will feel peace of mind that they are being protected without exposure to poisonous chemicals. Due to its low pH, Eco99 requires no disposal considerations and is safe for the environment. Additionally, Eco99 doesn’t need to wiped off of surfaces after being sprayed, making it very easy to use.

Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is considered a safe and effective chemical defense against disease-causing microorganisms.

Eco99 will protect facilities from the high financial and human costs associated with dangerous microorganisms.

How Eco99 Works

Traditionally, HOCl is made through an electrolyzed process using water, salt, and power to create a weak acid with a neutral pH; however, the electrolysis process using machines is limited in terms of the level of concentration that the machine is able to achieve. Eco99 uses dry chemistry which has been uniquely stabilized and optimized for a long shelf life and the flexibility to increase concentration to meet the demand of specific environments or applications to defend against microorganisms faster.

The dry chemicals are produced into a water soluble granular which is packaged up for easy dilution into various containers sizes. Once mixed, the aqueous solution is readily potent and is ready for application on surfaces. 

Upon contact, HOCl kills microorganisms by binding to the cell membrane and affecting its permeability. It tears down cell membranes and degrades proteins as neutrophils engulf the pathogen and release an oxidative respiratory burst causing it to rupture and disintegrate. DNA synthesis is significantly affected within one minute of exposure.

Eco99—An Easy and Safe Defense

Eco99 comes in a water-soluble powder packed in pre-measured pouches, ready to be added to containers and be mixed. Once mixed, the hypochlorous acid solution becomes potent within a few minutes and is ready for use. In aqueous form, Eco99 is highly stable, pH neutral, non-corrosive, and safe to humans, pets, and plant life

Employee Health and Safety is our No. 1 Priority

Your employees are your greatest resource and at the heart of every business. We know that keeping them safe is your number one priority. Eco99 is proven to protect them so they can safely focus on their jobs.

Reduce Illness and Infections—Now and in the Future

Dangerous microorganisms will continue to thrive, mutate, and cause sickness and death. Microorganisms can adapt and grow by accelerated means, going from the surface and human transmission to being airborne. Eco99 can help protect facilities from the high financial and human costs associated with the onslaught of dangerous microorgansisms. See how Eco99 can help protect your facilities from the high financial and human costs today.

Eco99—Sanitizes in Minutes

Eco99 is an effective sanitizing agent and can be sprayed without producing hazardous disinfection byproducts. The sanitizing power of HOCl is up to 100 times more powerful than bleach and chlorine at equal concentrations.

Eco99 is the industry’s first 99% bioactive water-soluble granular HOCl (Hypochlorous Acid) hard surface sanitizer. Eco99 is delivered in a dry form and added conveniently in prepackaged amounts for easy adding into various container sizes with water. It has been developed to kill microorganisms with the convenience of not having to be produced by a costly generator. By adding Eco99 to water, the user can create an easy to use, effective form of HOCl.

Eco99 combines food grade Sodium Dichloroisocunaurate (C3CL2N3NaO3), sodium (salts), and other food-grade proprietary ingredients to produce an ultra-stable, highly efficient water soluble granular that when added to (H2O) produces a highly concentrated (HOCL) similar to the active defense chemistry made by your own human white blood cells which act as the active disinfection agent against viruses, bacteria, algae, fungi, mold, yeast, bacterial spores and other contaminants.

No. Even though HOCl is an oxidizer that when added to water creates a very efficient “free available Chlorine” designed to kill harmful microorganisms similar to bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite), on a molar basis, HOCl is over 6 times stronger than bleach at the same PPM strength. HOCl is also much safer due to its near neutral pH and will not off-gas chorine gas like bleach.

Based on concentration, Eco99 will rapidly kill contaminants on any surface within minutes without leaving dangerous or hazardous residue behind. As surfaces are exposed to additional contaminants (rate of contamination varies depending on the specific environment), Eco99 does not leave harmful residues behind to provide residual kill over a long period of time. It is designed to kill what exists on the surface when applied and leave a clean, safe surface for human and food contact. Products designed for residual kill or for barrier coating should be used with caution to ensure people or food touching surfaces will not become contaminated with residual chemistry that could seriously harm people, pets, or environment.

Depending on your environment, you can apply Eco99 for sanitization as much as needed throughout a given time period. Because Eco99 is efficiently applied and both eco and human safe, for hotspot areas that involve many human touch points in a given day (school rooms, conference rooms, cafeterias, common rooms, transportation vessels and facilities, etc.), we recommend multiple treatments per day as needed.

Eco99 with HOCl has always been safe to spray in working environments, agriculture, and husbandry applications such as those around people, animals and food. It has been safe for the environment, as well as the applicator to use a variety of application equipment such as atomizers, sprayers, and foggers. Eco99 is 100% non-hazardous and safe to spray and apply in the aqueous form without personal protective equipment (PPE).

Eco99 is non-flammable and has been verified safe by OSHA and the GHS certification.

At recommended strengths and according to OSHA and GHS testing, Eco99 is not harmful to eyes or skin, however good use practices are always recommended when using any chemical product. It is always important to use products as directed.

No adverse effects are expected in humans or pets if Eco99 is accidently sprayed in eyes from a spraying operation at prescribed concentrations. If irritation occurs, rinse the eyes with water for several minutes.

Most known chlorine reactions are from sodium hypochlorite which is the chemical compound found in bleach. HOCl does not contain sodium hypochlorite. HOCl is found in the blood stream which is produced by white blood cells. It is not common to have allergic reactions from HOCl, but if any reaction develops, it will go away by washing skin with clean tap water.

All foggers tested have been adequate to deliver Eco99 in a disinfection capacity. The level of atomizing, spraying, or misting varies with different units and needs to be adjusted by the operator to ensure the surface is treated appropriately without over-soaking surfaces.

“Yes. Eco99 actively carries EPA Reg. No. 91138-1-52930 as a 100 ppm sanitizer for hard surfaces. ATS ChemDepot is working with the EPA to amend the current EPA registration for Eco99 as a disinfectant at 1200 ppm with EPA N List inclusion. The application was submitted in July 2020 (CDX_2020_007740) and approval is expected in Fall of 2020.”

Eco99 does not leave a residual. At normal residence times, it is not corrosive or destructive to hard surfaces and is safe to apply without subsequent wiping effort. However, If users prefer to wipe off Eco99 after application, be sure to let it sit for 4-10 minutes before wiping to ensure a complete kill of the contaminants on the surface. It is also important to know the surfaces you are treating. It is a common practice to treat a small area of any surface to first verify there will not be an adverse reaction to the treatment.

Eco99, after combined with water will degrade in strength over time and should be used within 30 days from the date of mixing to ensure the highest performance. Eco99 will remain at full strength during the 30 days following mixing.

It is recommended to test fabrics to determine the risk of level of bleaching. Eco99 is intended for hard surface treatment. Soft surfaces carry no official disinfection or sanitization claims. It is important to avoid leaving any surface saturated for an extended period of time beyond 10-minutes as stated on the label. It is important to know that even water will hurt a surface if left too long on surfaces.

Eco99 is an oxidizer that uses FAC (free available chlorine) to eliminate surface pathogens and undesirable bacteria, and viruses. When Eco99 is sprayed on surfaces, it will temporarily leave a slight smell of chlorine on the surface and in the air until the surface is completely dry, at which point the smell will dissipate and leave a fresh spell.

Eco99 delivers a fast speed of kill, leaves no residue and requires no post-application wiping for most applications. Speed and ease of treatment is a significant advantage and requires no personal protection equipment (PPE) to apply in the aqueous form. Spray Eco99 and walk away without rinsing on most applications. You will achieve greater sanitization with less chemistry using Eco99 with lower safety, skin and eye irritation risk. Eco99 can also be atomized, fogged or misted with people present for continuous disinfection. No carcinogen forming THM or HAA compounds are created as a byproduct of Eco99 disinfection.

Generally speaking, 1-gallon of Eco99 in solution will provide thorough coverage for approximately 4,000 square feet depending on the variation of volume sprayed. Electrostatic sprayer may increase the coverage in square feet per gallon.

Eco99 reacts quickly against microbes and provides complete kill within a few minutes of contact time. For a more comprehensive list of pathogens and kill times, it is important to read EPA labels and ask manufacturers about any kill claims and associated dwell times as these variables are different from product to product.

Eco99 has a 2-year shelf life from the manufactured date in the dry granular form. Once in solution, Eco99 should be used within a 30-day period to ensure top performance.

Eco99 reacts quickly against microbes and provides complete kill within a few minutes of contact time. For a more comprehensive list of pathogens and kill times, it is important to read EPA labels and ask manufacturers about any kill claims and associated dwell times as these variables are different from product to product.

Eco99 is certified as a spray-on, leave-on food surface cleaner, and is approved for use in purification of drinking water. Washing produce with the appropriate strength of HOCl extends the shelf life of the produce you have at home. As with any FDA certified product, it is important to follow the use instructions for strength and application for all products.

Eco99 is approved for surface sanitizer of surfaces and is not approved for use in humans internally to kill bacteria or viruses.

No adverse effects are expected in humans or pets if Eco99 is accidently ingested from a spraying operation. As with any regulated EPA certified biocidal products it is always important to follow label for important emergency protocol if accidents happen.

Sample packets are available upon request for qualified applicants. Eco99 user references can also be supplied upon request.

Yes, so long as it adheres to the approved EPA label. Eco99 prepackaged volumes are delivered so you can blend with water as needed. Because of the self-life, once the solution is blended with H2O it is important to offer the premeasured pouches so customers can blend solution as needed. It’s always important to follow all manufacturers suggestions, and guidelines for storage, blending, application and treatments.

The solution is made available in different container formats and is more cost-effective on a per gallon basis when purchased in
higher volume containers. Currently Eco99 is available in packets sized the following container sizes:

3-Gallon 12-Pack
12-Gallon 4-Pack

Lead times can vary based on container sizes, but generally orders are fulfilled within 1-5 business days. Distributors stock inventory for immediate shipment depending on volume.

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