Opening orders:  Greenair Sales Representatives will help tailor an opening order that makes sense in your store and fits your individual needs. For an opening order to qualify for wholesale pricing it should represent the product’s MOQ listed on our website.

Wholesale shipping: All vendors will be charged Greenair’s actual shipping. You’re welcome to give us your UPS account number for your orders.

Returns: If a customer is not satisfied with the product purchased at retail Greenair provides a free Customer Service Phone Support Representative to troubleshoot the product’s performance and offer replacement parts or products. Greenair provides “Return to Manufacturer ‘ information printed in its manuals to support our brand’s quality and your store sales. Greenair does not issue cash returns however we do offer replacement products to our vendors to ensure their inventory of our diffusers. We can either send a replacement or apply a credit to your next order — just give your sales representative a call (or email).

Terms & Payment Options: All orders will be prepaid either by Credit Card or Check. Net terms when offered will have credit card on file as a guarantee.

Territory Limitations: The sale or distribution of Greenair products outside the United States or to a third party other than an end-consumer is strictly prohibited unless specifically approved in writing by Greenair. Greenair reserves the right to cancel or limit the sale of its products to parties whose sales and distribution strategies are incompatible with those of Greenair.

Internet Retailer Requirements: Websites must have a secure certificate by a recognizable and reputable company, and privacy and customer service policies compatible with those of Greenair. Business ethics and environmental practices by the web retailer also need to be compatible with Greenair’s practices and policies. Once approved, the web retailer must have a physical business address to receive products via UPS. We require that accounts have a web address of their own and be selling the Greenair products on that site (an individual URL, not a subdirectory of someone else’s URL such as an storefront). Additionally, you cannot sell product through any online auction site such as eBay. By Greenair’s products should be represented as part of a category of like product, which makes up a portion of the offering sold online by the web retailer. Once approved, we will send necessary images free of charge in order to maintain a consistent presentation of our product line on the web. All Greenair’s written material, including text from the website, our catalogs and other written documentation, may be used with the express written consent of Greenair. Once complete, the presentation of Greenair’s line on your site must clearly differentiate from and must not confuse a “reasonable consumer”.

Greenair will review your website prior to setting up an account and reserves the right to refuse sales at its discretion. Greenair will also review your site periodically to ensure ongoing compliance with this policy. 

Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price Policy (MSRP): The MSRP policy shall apply to all Greenair products. Our minimum advertised price for Greenair products is the Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP), Wholesale price sold to retailers equals a 50% discount off the MSRP. Resellers may offer products on promotion at a lower advertised discount only at their own price-cut deal. The MSRP policy may be adjusted by Greenair at its sole discretion. The MSRP Policy applies only to advertised prices and does not apply to the price at which the products are sold or offered for sale to an individual customer within the Reseller’s retail location or over the telephone.

Greenair Resellers remain free to sell MSRP products at any prices they elect. This MSRP Policy does not in any way limit the ability of any dealer to advertise that they “have the lowest prices” or they “will meet or beat any competition’s prices,” that consumers can “call for a price” or similar phrases as long as the price advertised or listed is not below MSRP. Greenair will be reviewing all internet commerce sites to ensure consistent adherence to this policy. In cases of violation of this MSRP policy, Resellers will be allowed twenty- four (24) hours to bring advertising into compliance. If no change is made within the allowed period, all shipments will be discontinued until the  necessary changes are made. In cases of intentional and/or repeated failure, Greenair will terminate all orders to Reseller. Greenair will not provide prior written notice or issue warning before taking action under this Policy.  Greenair reserves the right to cancel or limit the sale of its products to parties whose sales and distribution strategies are incompatible with those of Greenair.

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