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About Us

Greenair Wholesale Diffusers

GreenAir is a company focused on wellness

We are experts in aroma diffuser technology. We recognize the natural benefits essential oils provide, and one of the best ways to enjoy their remedial qualities is with a diffuser. GreenAir diffusers fill the air and your senses with the beneficial aromas of essential oils through a variety of technologies: ultrasonic, atomizing, and fan diffusion.

We specialize in designing and supplying beautiful diffusers with convenient features to meet all of your business needs. Consumer demand and market expansion has helped the essential oil market thrive in recent years.

Widespread interest in essential oil remedies and aromatherapy exploded on the scene about a decade ago. And it’s not slowing down. More than ever, people want to fill their lives with natural products and solutions rather than synthetic alternatives.

Industry Visionary

Established in 2005, we were one of the first companies to sense the alluring aromatic opportunity of essential oils.

We have built upon our invaluable experience in the essential oils industry to create a full diffuser development process, from strategy to fulfillment. We have particular prowess in multilevel marketing channels, both retail and online. We know what your customers are looking for in a diffuser and we understand the business decisions you have to make. We have a comprehensive portfolio of diffusers for every situation. Our mission is to make the aromatic benefits of essential oils accessible to your customers no matter where they are, what they’re doing, or where they’re going.