Remedies of Clean Indoor Air
Important tips for healthy indoor air

Air pollution in the home is something that we can control and improve. Here are some easy but essential ways to keep air pollution outside of the home and improve the quality of air we breathe.

After identifying the various household activities and products that can contribute to the toxic load of indoor air, the next step is to remedy the quality of air. Note that it may not be possible to get rid of all the things contributing to the toxic load in your home. However, you can try to do what is possible. Your existence alone contributes to a lot of indoor air pollutants. For instance, merely cooking, walking, and cleaning can significantly add to the toxic load in your home. This does not mean that you should avoid or stop doing these things. Instead, employ measures that can help improve the air quality and make your house safe.

There are multiple remedies you can employ to ensure that you have clear air in your home. For instance, it can be something as simple as taking your shoes off at the door when you get home, regularly opening your windows, and ensuring that any products you are using are not harmful. Listed below are some remedies for clean indoor air.


Regularly opening your windows to allow fresh air is perhaps the best and least expensive way to ensure sufficient airflow in your home. Open your windows every day. During the cold season, you can open it for at least ten minutes every day. Besides allowing fresh air to get into your home, you will also be preventing harmful air pollutants from accumulating in your home.


Oil diffusers are the best option for improving the air quality in your home compared to home air fresheners. Use pure essential oils such as tea tree oil, which has antibacterial properties. You can also add essential oils to the vacuum or water you use to clean the house to leave your house with a pleasant smell. Essential oils have different benefits, and they can significantly reduce airborne bacteria. For instance, if you would like to reduce dust mites, use lavender, clove, or eucalyptus essential oils. Having an essential oil diffuser ensures that your home stays smelling pleasant.

Greenair provides a variety of essential oil diffusers that utilize ultrasonic technology. This means that oils are dispersed into the air without the use of heat, preserving the integrity of the oil and all its therapeutic benefits.


Multiple types of houseplants can filter out specific compounds from the air in your house, which means that specific indoor plants, such as the spider plant, will improve your home’s air quality. However, it is also worth noting that if you have indoor houseplants, it would be best to not overwater them since overwatering them can cause dampness in the house. Dampness will result in molds growing which can negatively impact your health.


Many cleaning products contain toxic chemicals that can cause health complications and irritate your lungs, throat, nose, and eyes. Therefore, whenever you are using store-bought cleaning products, it would be best to leave the windows open to ensure sufficient air coming in. Alternatively, you can use non-toxic cleaning products. There are two options to this, you can either buy natural handmade cleaning products that contain no chemicals, or you could make your cleaning products.

You can find multiple online materials that will guide you step by step in making natural cleaning products. You can always add essential oils to give them a good scent. Suppose you prefer using regular store-bought cleaning products. It would be best to avoid buying them in large quantities, store them in a highly ventilated area, and ensure that their containers are tightly closed to reduce any emissions that could occur via evaporation.


Most pet owners do not realize that their furry pets can also contribute to the toxicity of their indoor air. If you have a pet, it would be best to keep them out of your bedroom and ensure they are well-groomed. Pets shed off their skin cells, also referred to as dander, not forgetting that they also tend to shed off their fur.

Over time, this can affect your health, and you may even have asthma-like symptoms. It can also be a trigger for individuals who already have asthma. Therefore, regularly clean your pet to minimize the dander, and it would also be best to brush them outside the house to avoid dander spreading all over your living space.


It would also help to invest in an HVAC system. There are various HVAC brands you can select from, depending on your budget and the qualities you are looking for. An HVAC system significantly improves the air quality in your home. It also performs multiple functions, which makes it a better choice compared to an air conditioning system.


It is essential to ensure that your house is properly ventilated. With sufficient air supply in your home, you can be at ease knowing that both you and your family are safe and getting enough air supply. It would especially be best to ensure that your bathroom is well ventilated. It is easy for mold to start growing in your bathroom if it is not well ventilated because it will retain the dampness whenever anyone takes a bath.

Mold thrives in damp and dark places, so a poorly ventilated bathroom can be a hotbed for mold. As discussed earlier, you can either get rid of the mold or have a professional come and get rid of it. Having a fan in your bathroom can reduce the moisture usually left in the bathroom once you have taken a shower. You should also ensure that your kitchen is properly ventilated since cooking is also a source of indoor air pollution, more so if you use a gas stove. Alternatively, you could ensure that the kitchen windows are open whenever you are cooking.


There are different kinds of air purifiers in the market, so you have to be careful when choosing on9 e. The Environmental Protection Agency has a guide on the right air purifier, so it would be best to go over that guide if you are thinking of getting an air purifier. An air purifier is also a great thing to have to improve your home’s air quality, especially if any of your family members have asthma. It would be best to have the air purifier in the room of the person with asthma.

The Ionic Air Purifying Oil Diffuser is Greenair’s latest offering in clean air technology featuring Advanced Two-Part Air Filtration. It combines the power of a HEPA filter and Activated Charcoal filter which effectively removes airborne particles and allergens, all while neutralizing household odors, airborne chemicals, gaseous  pollutants, fumes, vapors, cigarette smoke, pet odors, cooking  smells and more. Additionally, the Ionic Air can be used with essential oils, which are a safe remedy in improving the quality of air in your home.


As mentioned earlier, it is essential to air out a new carpet before you bring it into the house. It is also a good idea to air out new furniture before bringing it inside the house. Many volatile organic compounds are lingering in the air in your home that you are not even aware of. These compounds can be found in things such as construction materials, fabrics, paints, and glues.

Most individuals are not aware that a new armchair or sofa will emit a lot of volatile organic compounds when they are first bought. The compounds will taper off after some time. Therefore, when you buy new furniture, it would help if you aired them out for as long as you can so these compounds are not emitted inside your house.

The best thing to do will be to leave out the furniture in the garage for about a week and ensure that you air them out daily. However, if this is not possible, then ensure that you regularly open the windows of the room the furniture is in. You will have to keep the windows open for a couple of months to ensure that all the compounds have been emitted.


A lot of people lose their lives annually due to carbon monoxide poisoning. Even more, people seek medical attention after being exposed to the gas. It is easy for one to die from carbon monoxide exposure since the gas is odorless, so it easily goes undetected. That is why it is essential to install a carbon monoxide detector in your home. It would be best to install them in the rooms you sleep in. remember that carbon monoxide can be fatal to pets too. While this remedy does not improve the air quality in your home, it does ensure that you are not exposed to a gas that can end your life.


There are so many things that can affect the quality of our indoor air. The above listed are some of the remedies you can employ to help improve your home’s air quality. Remember that home air fresheners are not the best option if you would like to improve your home’s air quality. Instead, choosing safer and more natural remedies, such as pure essential oils in an ultrasonic oil diffuser.

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