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This sleek smaller size diffuser is wonderful for dispersing your desired essential oil for chosen aromatherapy benefits. The ultrasonic action transforms water and essential oil into a cool mist.


This diffuser is nearly silent so it can be used both at night or during the day. And since this diffuser creates negative ions with its ultrasonic action, it also works to help purify the air!



Add 5 drops of essential oils

for aromatherapy spa benefits.


Use it anywhere

To help you relax and create a calm environment that is perfect after a long stressful day, place your AquaMist in a home office, work cubical, bedroom, hotel room or a home spa area. It's excellent to diffuse oils while improving air quality.


AquaMist utilizes ultrasonic electrical vibrations to disperse the water and essential oil out of the vent surface, forming a fine, soothing, swirling spray that is easily controlled by a Low/ High option. It features relaxing LED lights that change into soothing colors while misting.

A personal size oil diffuser that has

instant  Aromatherapy