There’s no denying that massages are some of the most requested spa and wellness services. I understand all of the attraction. Having a long background in the industry, I’ve been fortunate to have had countless massages by some very talented technicians. Massage and body services remain high on my personal list for finding relaxation and stress-relief.   As massage continues to increase in demand, so does the competition. Many businesses have responded by setting themselves apart using the finest products, addressing every detail and customizing treatments on multiple levels.  
Customizing with Aromatherapy Enhancements Having the guest choose an essential oil based on their personal preference, therefore bringing aromatherapy into the service, is by no means new. Whether we believe in the therapeutic properties of essential oils or not, most of us would agree that scent can impact on our mood. The aromas definitely add another dimension to the overall experience.   An aromatherapy massage has mostly meant that the essential oils are blended into the massage oil. One challenge is that so many people have sensitive skin and it may irritate them with direct contact, even though it’s in a carrier oil. And while they might thoroughly enjoy the scent of lavender, for example, may not to walk away with their skin and hair smelling like it.   With the scent in the massage oil there seems like there are surges of aroma rather than a continuous supply to enjoy. The guest may smell the scent when working their upper body, but not as much when the legs and feet are getting the attention.   Diffuse and Infuse Your Treatment Room Diffusing oils into the air is another amazing way to offer an aromatherapy massage. The constant steady stream of aroma infuses the room from the moment they walk in.  

Diffusing is more cost-effective than the oil blending method. Only about two drops of essential oil are needed for an hour treatment. Compare to the 10 -15 drops that are normally used when mixed in with massage oil. An aromatherapy enhancement by diffusing can be offered complimentary or as a paid addition.

  More Ways to Bring Aromatherapy to Your Space
  • Aromatherapy enhancement while providing body wraps/ scrubs and facials
  • Calming scents during hair removal services or cosmetic treatments
  • Combat less-than-pleasant nail and hair chemical service odors
  • Heavenly scents at the front desk, hallways and lounge areas
  • Fan diffusers in the bathroom and locker rooms
   Increase Your Bottom Line
  • Retail GreenAir diffusers
  • Increase service sales with aromatherapy
  • Raise retention rates by personalizing treatments
  Benefits of Using GreenAir Diffusers     Why GreenAir All diffusers are not created equal. We are known for our superior quality because we have very high standards for all of our products and perform rigorous testing.
  •  No. 1 diffuser manufacturer in the world
  • 1 year guarantee on all of our diffusers
  • Your guests never need to return a product
  • We use BPA free medical grade plastic in our bases where essential oils are placed
  Contact Annmarie Virzi, National Sales Manager at 440.822.5336 or [email protected] for a free consultation and wholesale pricing.

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