Essential oil car diffusers allow you to take the benefits of aromatherapy when out and about or freshen your car naturally. Easy to plug in, customize and change scents, these small but mighty devices pack a lot of sweet-smelling power.



Who doesn’t need to surround themselves with some aroma-loving on a long commute that starts at the crack of dawn, while getting cut off by a reckless driver or when getting a little queasy in the passenger seat?

Alertness: 4 drops peppermint, 4 drops spearmint, 2 drops lemon
Road rage: 5 drops ylang ylang, 5 drops bergamot
Car sickness: 6 drops peppermint, 4 drops ginger

Be cautious about single essential oils that might be too relaxing. Stay clear of ones that may cause drowsiness such as lavender, chamomile or valerian. Save those for bed time.


And if you simply want some good scents to override that not-so-new car smell or the food your husband grabbed to eat on the go the day before, they have you covered. They’re a much-needed breath of fresh (and natural!) air where you can customize your scent. There’s no need to rely on artificial fragrance that can contain chemicals or toxins.

Fresh Car Diffuser Blend: 5 drops wild orange, 5 drops wintergreen


“Wow, what’s that? It smells so good.” That’s what I get when people open my

car door. It’s peppermint diffusing in my CarBreeze.

We have four different car diffusers, one that plugs in to a USB and three into the 12V. They each come with three refill pads where you drop the essential oils on so the scent fills your car. You’re not stuck with one scent, it’s easy to change, and there’s no water needed.


If you’d like to take an ultrasonic diffuser with you that uses water, the ScentTrekker will plug into a USB port and sit as the best-smelling passenger in your cupholder. A large van or RV will really benefit as it covers up to 400 square feet. Although it’s about the size of a small drink, it will run for up to 6 hours straight. In the evening, turn on the lights for a rotating color show or stop it on your favorite color.